SuperNova Audio

"A Stellar Sound Company "

Sound Mixing & Recording Services For:


When it comes to interviewing people we know how important it is to capture great sound the first time. We can help you with all your interview needs from sit down and setup to run and gun. 

Talk Shows

Filming a Talk Show Live or PreRecorded we have you covered. No matter if you have a 1 host and 1 guest or if you need to get sound for a host, multiple guest, and a dj we have you covered. 

Commercials & Promos

Sometimes you need to get a message across with your Commercial or Promo and we can help you capture the dialogue to make sure the message is heard. 

Events, Panels, & Seminars

We can provide all the Audio Equipment for your Event, Panel, or Seminar style event. From mixing the event to even recording it we have you covered. 


Podcasts have become a thing now and more and more people are doing it. Instead of worrying about how to record it let us take care of the entire process. We can record, mix, and edit your podcast. We also offer file preparation if you are using a different post house for distributing your podcast. 

Voice Overs

We can record, edit, and mix on location or in the studio nice clean voice overs. We ensure quality sound as well as making sure the vocals are captured in the manner you want them. 


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