When I first started getting into Audio and Tech stuff seriously was around 2001. My company name at the time was C.C. Productions 803, LLC and I did Computer Repairs, DJiing, Audio Engineering, and whatever else Geeky things that I could.

As time passed I would make my move to Atlanta, GA in 2008 and that would be the change and experience I needed. As someone who was already into Audio and fascinated by it it made sense to continue along that path. I would go on to book my first Audio gig on a film set in January 2009. I never once thought I would be working in TV and Film but I had found a career that was perfect for me! I learned so much and really perfected the craft making me one of the top Female Sound Mixers in Georgia. 

Set life was great but as a hustler I needed more, so around December 2014 I created Supernova Audio which started off as a Location Audio Rental and Sales company for Film and TV.  I then later combined my previous company into this one making it a Full Production Audio company servicing clients such as BET, Comcast, Target, VH1, MTV, TNT, Extra, Inside Edition, and more. 

When my father passed away in October of 2015 things began to change for me. Me and my father were the best of friends and he always supported everything I did. Hell he built my first vocal booth in my studio. Man those were fun times. We always talked about opening up an online Used Auto Store to sell parts, tools, etc. because he had tons of things he collected from Junk Yards and Flea Markets. When I tell you this man was an Auto Geek he definitely was that or maybe I should say a Ford Geek because that was his favorite car model.

So about 4 years passed and one day I was sitting in my bedroom just thinking. I wasn't happy because I felt like I had done all I wanted and was looking for something more so the idea came to me that I should continue our journey but do it with what I know best. So around August of 2019 that is when I went all in an decided to transition Supernova Audio into "The Pit Stop For DJs". This meant DJs could get CDJs, DJ Controllers, Mixers, and Speakers repaired and restored.

So far the transition has been amazing and it's giving me the feeling I had once been looking for. I wake up with a purpose and get to do something I enjoy and it never feels like work.  I dedicate my shop to my father to show my appreciation and allow his legacy and his greatness to live on forever.

CoCo The Geek