Post Production services:


Music Sync Licensing

When trying to clear a record and you realize its going to cost you thousands of dollars for that big name artist that is where we can help you out. We have a huge catalog of Indie Music ready to be used for your project. We handle all clearances and paper work with you in house through our Publishing Company. 

Music Scoring

We offer custom Music & Sound Design for your project. We specialize in Horror, Thriller, Suspense, Dark, and Sci-Fi scoring. 

Sound Design & Effects

Need a big boom sound or maybe the sounds of Aliens. We can help bring characters to life or make that action scene even more impactful. Let us help sound design and add sound effects to your next project. 

samples of our work



Leisinger Law Video



Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk

The Other Side of The Glass


The Grimoire Chapters

Kita Lashon-Season 1 Ep 2