Location sound


What We Offer:

  • Over 12 years of sound experience 
  • We can use your equipment or provide a sound package. 
  • We take pride in capturing great on set sound to ensure an easy turn around in post production.
  • We work directly with you in Pre Production to ensure the best performance during production.
  • Amazing Customer Service and Tech Support 
  • Professional Set Etiquette
  • We have experience working with  top level  Celebrities & Executives 

What We Mix:

  • Corporate/Industrial
  • Red Carpet Events/Press Junkets
  • News/Media
  • EPKs /BTS Shoots
  • Commercials/PSAs 

*Feel free to contact us if you are uncertain if we can help you with your project or not. 

Equipment List:

Most of the interviews we do are simple 1-2 wireless setups  but  we can provide additional equipment needed like more wireless, timecode slates, lockit boxes, In Ear Monitors, etc.. for an extra fee.

Basic Production Audio Kit:

  • 2x Lectrosonics or Sennheiser ENG Wireless
  • Sound Devices 633 or Zoom F8N Recorder
  • Sennheiser MKH-416 or Schoeps CMIT5U
  • All the proper accessories, cables,etc.. 


Not all of our credits are listed on IMDB but we have worked with just about every network.  

*References are available upon request.